Some obvious mod ideas.

From playing it myself and talking to other people, there are a few things that seem like they would be very popular:

  • A teleport mode that doesnt change your orientation for people with 360° setups.
  • Thumbstick locomotion for the hardened VR veterans.
  • Coop multiplayer horde mode.

these are great idea mainly the thumbstick locomotion with rotation options like those in Serious Sam the first encounter I can’t play teleporting around for some reason my brain refuse to accept it and the whole thing falls apart for me I hope someone does this mod soon

I agree, seems like instantly we knew it was wrong.

Can textures, sounds, maps be modded?


sega need to hurry and get a vr version of all their classics out on oculus home, especially gun games

its as if vr is what they did through a window (tv)

+1 for coop mode and for thumbstick locomotion.
As for orientation change, need to think twice.

I am one of the rare ones who strongly dislikes the trend of games not allowing classic locomotion so I agree it would be great if a mod could bring it in. But it would proabbly require some reballancing as well. It would make things like getting behind the sheilded guys take way too long. I think a mix of the ideas would work best. Like left stick is wasd movement and the right is teleport. I do like the idea of a more 360 friendly teleport as well. Another basic mod idea that I think is going to be very popular is weapons and weapon parts

There also seems to be some kind of slight input lag that a lot of people are complaining about, maybe some kind of smoothing that could be disabled?

Raw Data has the same kind of lag. Would say it’s an engine thing, but I don’t think Out of Ammo had it…

Not sure if it’s possible but can we change the models of the robots into other characters? It would be neat to be able to change them all into Unreal characters instead of robots for example.

I found it fun to throw the guns at the targets in the shooting range. They seem to home onto the target if thrown in the general vicinity. Guns can be thrown very fast if done properly. This got me thinking maybe throwing stars would be a cool mod. Not sure how hard it would be to expand more into the ninja territory but could be cool.

I’m looking at updating the Teleport as we speak. I was actually thinking it might have already been done.

I am one of those who can’t play teleporting for some reason my brain won’t accept it everytime I teleport for a few second I have a feeling of being lost and it pulls me out the game I only played able 5 mins of this game and I just can’t go back to it unless full locomotion gets added I also want thumb-stick rotation and the option to turn off movepoint so that it plays like a normal fps but I can look around and aim freely just like Croteam did with Serious Sam Vr:the first encounter

what messes me up is I am use to fast teleporting and my orientation is really off. I am so hardened to just straight teleporting. I have 360 orientation so its not needed and pulls me out…just a simple option to turn off the direction teleporting …maybe it will get better but i want to warp around quickly and this throws it off.

Sairento VR telportation makes total sense for this game. The Robos already do it.

Melee weapons are a must. It should be pretty easy to mod the regular biped robots to be Battle Droids from Star Wars so a lightsaber mod would be a fitting edition for sure :slight_smile:

There may or may not be a set of melee weapons from Fortnite inside the mod kit just waiting to be packaged and shared :slight_smile: These are for the players, not enemies however, as the enemies would need to be wired with brains to be able to use them :slight_smile:

Yup. EVERYTHING can be modded :smiley:

I’m REALLY surprised that Sega didn’t bring more light gun games to the Wii a couple of console generations ago. All we had was Goose Squad (Ghost Squad really but it always sounds like the guy is saying Goose Squad in the intro screen lmfao) and House Of The Dead I think.

I’d also love to see CarnEvil coming into VR but I’m not sure who owns the IP now that Midway went bankrupt years and years ago.

I take my hat off to Epic for making this game fully moddable, we could see new content coming to this game regularly for YEARS. Awesome! :smiley:

Good to know, I decided that if it hadnt been done yet, I was going to try and figure it out today!

Zaptruder just released a 360 teleport mod on reddit, though he says “Unfortunately, mods don’t seem to work in the main game at this time.”?

Epic needs to release a patch providing official functionality.

Current WIP

I would love some mods with new levels and replacing the bots with different characters. Specifically, I read an interview with someone from Epic who mentioned the possibility of replacing robots with Dinosaurs (!!). I’d also love a gore filled version similar to Gorn where we can pull off arms and heads in the same way we do bots.

More generally, id like an endless mode where I can choose the number of bots that spawn at once (if your PC can handle it, why not try surviving a wave of 500 spider bots?)