Some newbie questions about UE and ArchViz in general

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking about creating a small, independent ArchViz studio, in my town, sometime in the future (this is a long-term project)
Unfortunately I don’t have any ArchViz experience yet.

I’m wondering if a workflow, almost entirely based on Modo (for modelling) + Unreal Engine (renders + VR) would make any sense?
As far as I know, all architects in my town prepare their work in DWG format which is not natively supported by Modo.

Could you please let me know which software would work best with UE (while keeping that DWG stuff in mind)?
I can pick almost anything, as I’m still relatively new to 3D, and the goal is to stay independent (so I don’t really have to learn the very same software that other ArchViz studios are using).


I think there’s a plugin for CAD stuff in modo.
Not sure if dwg is supported but other formats are.

3ds max is hard to beat in my opinion. Works well with all autodesk products like revit/autocad and there are a ton of useful scripts, like steamroller to make uv unwrapping much easier.

Modo 10 has some feature geared toweard ue4 that could be cool. This is one of them :

Unreal Material Importer
A new plug-in for Unreal Engine 4 has been created, which reads an .xml file exported from Modo
containing material information necessary to match the shader parameters set in Modo with those in
Unreal Engine 4. This greatly improves the translation process between the two products, saving
artists time and reducing iterative errors.

Correct me if I’m wrong anyone, but I’m pretty sure any major 3D software has some way to export to FBX or OBJ, right? Chances are that any raw architectural files will be too messy to quickly process, so any normal modeling software can be used to recreate and fix these exported models. I haven’t done too much editing directly with any special CAD file besides the FBX export.

The nightmarish architect’s models!!!

“nightmarish”, never heard/read that word :smiley: But it describes all feelings of looking at 3D-Models from several softwares in one word hehe