Some morph target are missing in UE4 after an FBX import

Hello everybody !
I’ve got a problem while importing (FBX) a skeletal with multiple morph target in it.
In my original mesh, I make 8 morph targets (more are planned…)
But after importing it in UE4, I found only 4 of them.
Those how are imported are good and works well but I’ll need the missing ones…
Does someone encountered such a problem ?
What did I miss ?
How to check if every morph targets are present in the FBX file (problem while importing in UE4) or not (problem while exporting from 3DS) ?
Can I import morph target separately, like we used to do in UDK ? I don’t have found doc on this yet…

**Edit **: I suspect a nomenclature problem… In a serie of morph target named “m_grogne”, “m_grogne_G” and “m_grogne_D”, I can retrieve the last one in UE4, again with other series “m_surpirise G / D”, “m-cligne G / D”, I always have the in the serie in UE4. It can be a coincidence but it also can be a hint ? ^^.

Okay, I know I should have edit my first post but I’m so proud of the solution that I think it deserve its own post :slight_smile:

It’s a 3DS max problem I encountered !

Here’s the thing : when I build my morph target, I copy my mesh, modify it and then, in my “morpher” modifier, I create a new morph “node” (?) and click on “Pick object from scene”.


Doing so, the morpher modifier have a morph target based on a reference to the mesh I pick.
When I export to FBX, it’s this reference that is write in the FBX.


As I use several time the same mesh (with symmetry) to create several morph target (I thought ^^), the morpher modifier work fluently in 3DSmax but my FBX export contain only the reference mesh.
That’s why I had only one morph target by mesh reference.

*- So, how to fix this ?

  • Excellent question, me ! That’s how :*

For each morph target in your “morpher” modifier, proceed like that :

1 - set the morph target to 100 and all others to 0.
2 - Select another slot and click on “Capture current state
3 - name the new morph target.

You can see that we have 2 kind of morph target :

  • The green one, witch (I suppose) are based on a unique, extern, and “not necessary the morph target” mesh reference, the very one that will be exported in FBX.
  • The blue ones are build by capturing the state of the original mesh and have no reference to the building mesh.

Export, import, and…


I hope that help someone someday :slight_smile:
I found barely no documentation on this and every thing here is extrapolation… I can be wrong in many way but, it works !

Happy Holidays, folks !

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Thank you so much for this

If anyone else has this issue, it’s not necessarily and issue with Max. Make sure you’ve got Import Morph Targets checked off inside the asset details. To do this, open your skeletal mesh in persona and in the search bar type in Morph. You’ll see it at the bottom. For me it was unchecked on this one mesh. Checking it and saving and closing Persona and then re-importing the mesh fixed the issue for me.

In 3ds max if you add Morpher after Skin modifier (even if they are in the correct order Skin-Morpher-EditablePoly) it can cause an error when import FBX in to UE4 (there is no morph target at all). To fix this issue just cut both together Skin and Morpher and past it again, then export mesh as usual.