Some locomotion ideas (fixed foot in-place animations)

Hello everybody,

I’m working on a locomotion system for a while and get some results. Want to show you guys exactly a specific point: the method that i used. Never saw this kind of application. Is it proper way or lame way i dont know. What are you thinking?

Sharing some screenshots and videos:

Shortly i am using in-place animations. For character movement i’m getting the curve values from the animations (curves: that i created) to feed character input as you can see in the screenshots. This idea working nicely but not for the ‘stop animations’. idea not working for the stop animations because while character stopping, player inputs are cuts off and the curve values that i feed the inputs are not working in this case. For solution i used same curve values for the blendspace axises too and give them small numbers (only for stop animations).

Shortly (again) im using axis values for the start and cycle animations. For the stop animations i’m using the curve values. This implementation requires to creating basic curves for every animation used in blendspaces.

So thats it. I will be glad if hear from you and thank you for your time.

Weather it’s fine or not depends entirely on where the code is located.
Inside the animation bp? Not fine at all.
Inside the character? that’s ok.

Either way, your system will only work on standard surfaces with the current friction.
As soon as a phys-mat alters those, or gravity changes, you’ll get foot sliding again.

The animations seem good, and that’s really all that matters here.

The implementation depends entirely on application.
If you need it to work on linear/flat levels and/or have a minimal amount of slopes and area that could potentially cause issues, then it’s fine as it is.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts :pray: