Some key/button events not triggered when focus is on Editable Text Box, how to trigger them?


Many Input Action events won’t be triggered when an editable text box has the keyboard focus since these events are binded to keys being listened by the text input processor. Most of these cases make perfect sense (e.g. character keys in the keyboard, so they can be written in the text box), but there are a few cases in which one may not want to have an Input Action ignored because of the text input processor. For me this happens with the D-Pad directions, like D-Pad Up: I have an Input Action binded to it and I would like it to be triggered no matter if an editable text box’s text is being edited.

Do you know how to solve this? Maybe some processor code needs to be overriden or there’s a setting to set the keys listened by the text input processor, any clue on this might be helpful.

The situation of the D-Pad not being able to trigger input events while UMG widgets are focused was considered as an issue (UE-28825) by a member of the Epic staff back in 4.11 (original thread here), but the issue is still unresolved almost two years later, with no later information given about it.

Are there any plans to resolve this in the near future?