Some issues with the forum on an iPad

Browsing the forums on an iPad recently I noticed at least two issues.

First, I wasn’t able to log in. I couldn’t find a sign in button anywhere. I hope it’s not an oversight on my part, can anyone confirm this? I was able to log in on the main website (blog) using the drop down menu, but that didn’t seem to log me in on the forums.

Second, embedded youtube videos don’t seem to load at all.

Bajee, what browser are you using on iPad. I am not experiencing these issues on my iPad but I am using Chrome.

On Safari it definitely does look like you the area to Sign In is not there. It also seems that Opera is not working either.

I’m using Safari. Unfortunately I can’t install apps on this device to test Chrome.

Which iPad/ios version are you using? I can login fine and watch youtube videos properly.

I’m using iOS 7.1.1, 4th generation iPad.

How exactly are you logging in? On the iPad I only have a hamburger icon, the unreal logo and the “Get Unreal” button in the top bar. The hamburger icon doesn’t list a login option. There is no log in or sign in button to be seen elsewhere on the main forum page.

On the Blog site, I can select a sign in option from the hamburger menu, but that doesn’t carry over to the forums.

Interesting I logged in fine yesterday, now I am having the same issue. iPad 2, iOS

I have the same issue on an iPhone 5S, iOS 8.1.

By the way, SE_JonF, what about embedded youtube videos? Do those work for you? For instance there are two embedded videos at the bottom of the first post here:

I have the same issue on my Surface Pro 3 on windows chrome. A quick workaround is to zoom out a little bit, then you can see the login button :wink:

We are aware of the issue. It appears that the changes to use the new header removed the sign in button from the forums on mobile devices. It should get fixed ASAP as this is clearly a blocking issue.

Thanks Jeff!

There is also the issue with embedded youtube videos not showing up on mobile. Can anyone confirm that? It makes the entire WIP and Released forums essentially unusable on an iPad.

Don’t use Safari then.

Hello I would like to add that I could not figure out a way to search the forums unless I requested the desktop version of the site (using Android).

Hey Bajee, the videos from that link load fine for me on my iPad. It would seem I’m only experiencing trouble logging in now.

Hm, interesting. I only have this issue on mobile Safari. Youtube videos seem to work in mobile Chrome.

Hey Bajee are you still experiencing this issue? I still haven’t been able to login on my iPad. I’ve tried every workaround I could, no joy.

No, I can now log in fine on an iPad in the top left menu.

Ah, can’t believe I missed that. Thanks for the heads up.