Some Help With Target morphs and unreal clothing system

hello again, i was testing and preparing to make 1 “custom character system” with modular parts (head, torso, hands, legs and feet), with each one having they proper morphs for custom character in general things where working fine, until i tried to add the “unreal clothing system”, when i add the cloth data to the cloth body piece in the preview the target moprhs stop of work unless i remove the cloth data, the target morphs bar are there normal but they just don’t work when i asign the cloth data to the piece of cloth, if i remove it and make it back then the bars works fine here the thing:
piece of armor without the clothing system enabled

then when i enable the cloth data from the unreal cloth system the morphs just do nothing.

as you see the morphs just don’t work the only part where the morph works are the parts of the cloth which have another material instance, but the one where i added the cloth stop of work, it’s is a bug??? or work like that?? this is only in the preview panel or also in game have any way to fix it??? how i can use both???.

thanks for the help.