Some Help with character customization(textures, body hair, eyebrow, make ups and tattoos)

Ok first of all, really sorry for some bad english, really sorry, my first topic here!! i really love the unreal engine 4 and working hard with a friend in a game which we are trying to develop.

Going back to my topic, while my question for now don’t really have much too do with my current project since for now it don’t have a character creation system(but planing to maybe add it in the future of the development) it is really something bugging me because while i already know most of the steps to create a character customization system, something still really bugging me and feel very complicated and odd, because i’m still learning about 3d textures and textures layers and unreal materials and while for most of the others things is not that hard to find tutorials to work, for my problem is being really hard to find.

I’m stucked in the character customization system in how to work to customize or add some body texture customizations like body hair, or eyebrows, or add effects like wet or wonded to the mesh, how normally peoples do that???, they add a "extra mesh, like for beards and hairs??, or they do that using things like opacity texture/mask.

Someone with some knowledge could spare a little of it, please at last a basic or simple tutorial on how to do that?? like how to customize to change the type and colors of eyebrows, or how to add types of hair body or add make ups or tattoos or wounds?, if tattoos and wounds are too advanced and "too top secret ok, but at last some help about the body hair and eyebrows and at last if possible some basic hints toward make ups.

I really would love some help withe some basic info on how to manage that part of the customization in the better way to do it.

anyway again srry for not that good english and thank you for your attention.

Adding Meshes would be ideal for adding large details not related to “skin” properties, like long-beards, bandanas, back-packs, etc.

For tattoos and wounds, a mask and switch node would work, so that the customization can add to material if true, be basic if false. Aslo, Material Instances can perform the task of adding Detail to Materials without modifying the Original MAterial, instead using it as a “Parent” and then modify that subsequent “children” material instances to add detail:…wTo/Instancing

thanks, for the replay.

yeah i know about it, i’m thinking in do the beards and mustaches in the same way or hair, extra meshes, my big issue is really in the “others hairs” like brows, and body hair like that:Tonnie talks body hair - Sims 3 stream - YouTube
this is what i means add or change type and color of that sort of body hairs and also add things like wet, wound, tattoos to the mesh.

i’m planning in the future in making a sims style game with a heavy/complex customization system almost close as possible as for exemple Black Desert Online (what a dream!!! :D:D:D:D)
but so far my only knowledge toward it is about morph targets and clothing, now i need to learn more about that details part, of customization, which normally is worked on the texture and masks and instances this is where i’m very clueless.

but thanks for the tips anymore tips are very welcome.