some help with camera and character moviment

hello guys, i’m working on a project and for this project i need some help with a special way of character moviment, im working in a sort of "rts style camera with some point and click moviment, then while i saw some tutorials on youtube or about point and click or about camera rts, i would like to see something more specific for this, someone can show me a good tutorial or make a small guide or do some help about how to setup it?

here the thing the game will be like that the vision:

a sort ot top down but diagonal where while you still control a character the camera will be able to “move free”, instead of move the character i will be moving the camera, when moving the mouse using the keys wsda it will move the camera around the place even moving out of the character, but if i need to instant go back to the character i will have another input like for exemple “tab” then when i press it the camera reset going back to the character position where it is, oteherwise it will be moving around free

the camera also need to be able to rotate left or right and also zoom it or out here a exempl of zoom in

also another thing i want is to change camera angle for exemple insteand of top down change to front side back something like that

the ideia is have free control over the camera the character only move if i click with mouse in a point the a menu with some options like “walk here”, “run here” will appear then based on the option i will choose the character will move to that point, this menu stuff is another thing which i’m also trying to learn and for another post, here i just want to focus on the camera and character control

Another stuff which would be a bonus which i would like to know, would a way to "change type of camera, because i’m planing to have 3 type of views, first one being the free camera, second being the third person and the last one being first person mode, then you will have a buttom where you can switch between camera mods each time you click on it

then any help on that is welcome be a tutorial, some tips, or things like from start follow this x tutorial then after that do this and this or change that or that and things like that, really any helps is really welcome.
here a video with somehow what i want

this is to give the better idea about how i want the cam to work.

ok i’ve managed to make some stuffs here and setup a rts free camera style, it can free roam the map, zoom it zoom out and pan, now i need some help in how to "sometimes lock the camera to the character.

i means i want to know how i can make the camera when i press a hotkey/buttom, the camera will automatically move to the character, i will have 2 blue prints one for the camera and one for the character alone, then i want a option in the camera blue print to setup a key and when this key is pressed the first time, the camera will move to the character lock on it, and follow the character whenever it move i will be able to keep zoom in and zoom out and pam, only the camera moviment will be locked to the character, then if i click again in the key it will “unlock” the camera making it go back to it’s original state being able to move free and leaving the character back, it’s just a way to based on the key click and in a future when clicking in the character portrait the camera will lock on the character and follow it and also can stop of follow by just moving the mouse around, the camera will be locked moviment as long i’m not moving the mouse around or clicking in camera hotkeys moving.

well for now i just want to know how i can make the camera follow the character by pressing a key and stop to follow by pressing the same key again or maybe another key if it’s more easy.