Some help with animations in 2D

Hello people i was wondering if i could get help, i know how to get animations and such playing properly in Unreal but am wondering if there was a way to make it so the animation woulc only play onces when set then set itself backt o the idle animations unless the trigger for the animations was held, is there a way to do this? I have a boolean and such causeing the animations to trigger in cordinations to an Animations state machine, how ever even tho i can get it started it gets over ran by the next animations, ys i have a delay so it can stay for (roughly) the duration of the animations itself but its prone to coninueing for a bit longer than ussuale depending on what else is happening. Is there a way to make sure it only plays once, but that it can keep playing for a certain number of times while being held?

maybe using a sequence node?.. then at the first line, add a do once?
then next is set to idle state ?

just a few cents… :stuck_out_tongue: