Some help please with collision of attached actors

Hi. I need your help please in this issue I am running into. I made a BP for a hatch in the wall, the BP has a collision box and a hatch mesh, simply you enter the collision box in front of the hatch to enable interaction with the hatch and press E to open it. On its own the hatch BP works fine and its collision box is colliding perfectly with the character.

However, I wanted to place the hatch BP inside a wall which moves, so I attached the hatch BP to the wall. Whenever the wall moves the hatch moves with it. However, it seems after the hatch is attached to the wall, its collision box is no longer functional.

Any help please?

I figured it out on my own. Actually the attach to actor command had its rotation option set to “relative” which is why the issue is happening. Relative is simply rotating the actor relative to the parent and this is why the collision box ended facing a different direction. I set it up to “world” and now it’s perfect.