Some help from the brilliant minds of modders perhaps?

So first and foremost I have to say thank you very much to anyone who takes the time to read this, and an extra special thank you to anyone who might help me solve it.

I run a small 2 person server for me and a friend of mine, said server is only online when he, or I, or both of us are going to be on it. I use a program called Ark Server Manager (fantastic program btw) I have a list of around 25 mods that we use, most are pretty small and only add a few craftables, like most of Joan’s mods and such. I have a dino overhaul in the form of Annunaki Genesis (which is also an amazing mod) but there is one particularly that I am having some issues with getting to work, that is one called Difficulty 50+. This mod is essentially supposed to allow your player, your tamed dinos level a lot farther then normal. That part is currently working just fine, the part that isn’t however is that the mod is also supposed to allow the wild dinos to spawn up to lvl 1500. The highest I have seen on our server over multiple DestroyWildDinos is a lvl 300 raptor, and most of the badasses and whatnot from the Genesis mod are around 300, and alphas around 400.

There was a post on the Difficulty 50+ on how to get it working with Ark Server Manager and it states that you can’t have custom level progression on (which I have since turned off) and your difficulty should be at the default of 1.0, which he states in ASM that value is 100. I have changed that value to 100 and set the player, and tamed dino max XP to correct values and that seems to work, I just cannot get the 1,500 dinos to spawn at all.

If anyone knows of a mod that does the same sort of thing that I should be able to swap to with no issues, feel free to suggest them as well. A server that I played on before has Difficulty 6+ by the same dev along with a lot of the same mods I run and seems to have gotten it to work, but they have a paid server and arn’t using ASM to my knowledge.

Thanks a bunch guys, and gals of the community.

have you tried killing all the dinos (the kill all wild dinos admin command) ? It rapes my 2 servers when i do that and i load balance the hell out of them … lol
I run +0.4 and im getting 100+ on my server but its fairly rare, but, i have seen them.
There are several MODs out there for doing exactly what your asking, i cant reference one, since, they turn your game into ez-mode minecraft with god mode, mode, and, insta-kill weapons… TLDR: i dont use them but i know there are a ton out there.

I have indeed ran a few DestroyWildDino commands to no avail unfortunately. One of the mods I have installed atm have an issue with snakes overspawning and in an attempt to see if they’ve fixed it each time, and when the Procoptodons hit I did the command :frowning: still havn’t seen any high lvls OR a procoptodon lol. Having extremely bad luck atm I guess.

custom map perhaps? I know i have serious issues with spawns on Valhalla map, no matter how much i turn up and use the forced spawns, it just doesnt really spawn dinos, seriously, i get about 25% of the total dinos that should be there by default …

Unfortunately I am running the default map :frowning: I know what you mean about the spawns on the Valhalla map as a server I used to play on had that map and I have never seen half of the special dinos from a mod that that server and mine shares.

hmmm … interesting … i am not really sure then. Maybe someone will chime in and lend some advice

I sure hope so, it’s driving me nuts lol. I really appreciate your help though! THanks for taking the time to respond!

Hey man you need to make sure the difficulty mod is first mod loaded and in the server manager tool set the difficulty from 100% to 400%.

Im not sure what the issue is with the procoptadon spawns. Are you using small dragons? We use small dragons a=on my server and It stops the Roo spawns, I think this is just because the mod needs to be updated though, not even that there needs to be any changes.