Some help for survival game

I want to make a game, Im new, I have some questions!

1)As any game he need an inventory, suggest me a good inventory who is customizable
2)Character customizator, likely ArK! To select muscles, etc
3)As any looting game, he need clothing: a)How I can add this at my inventory sistem(who is recomanded)
b)How I can make clotch on my caracter
4)Good A.I system
5)Let’s say I make the world, but I want to add random spawn(items, and NPCs)
6)Hmmmm, this game will be you vs nature, if this game dont have sombies, he need some dangerous animals and hunger, thirst, stamina
7)I forgot to say upper, how I can make my main menu, but with random pics who are uploaded by me.
8)And the final question, you will need a roof over your head, a building system, somethink like Unturned, or ArK

  1. -> after that you can add new features to it
  2. You can do that with a combination between morph targets and UMG
  3. take a look at the video from 1.
    b. when it should look realistic, take a look at apex -> -> but before that you need to create the cloth in your 3d program
  4. take a look at those videos to learn the basics:
  5. search for it with the help of this link: e.g Random Loot Spawning Like DayZ - UE4 AnswerHub
  6. (the same technique is used for other stats like thirst,…)
  7. you can get some information how to create something like that here: :slight_smile:

Oh, here we go :slight_smile: don’t really want to burst your bubble, but I would start from finding a good team of at least 20 people, that can help you with a game that big in scale. And be prepared to spend years and years in development.

The thing with games like that is that you can’t be everyone. Meaning, you can’t be a 3d modeler a programmer, level designer, sound designer etc. I think I missed at least a few more roles here, but my point still stands. I would strongly recommend to get good at something that you really like. You like working with 3d applications be a 3d modeler.

There are people that have a wide knowledge in most of this fields, but they work on a much smaller projects. And if it is a programmer I can guaranty that he outsource all his 3d, lvl design stuff.

Again don’t take it personal and good luck!

Yes it’s real, but if youre have stupid friends, who said, money by money to buy assets for game design, and after that they say"Im bored, ad about assets, give him to neand, it’s not important, im good in C4D, not the best, but somethink. Yes I need a 3d guy, and one for level design, but I will try to see what is. I will try 3ds max, but the last time when I try to make somthink, I make just a pink cube.

And for 1nd who answer, at 3 how I can make this? First how I can make that menu where is edit, and how I can make that in C4D?

Edit: at 8 you show me somethink like the forest, but I want my structure to be item who is crafted, and placed down.

Is there a way to add to existing project? The inventory?

What exactly do you mean? -> you have to create the inventory in a project. After that you can also migrate it to other projects

I can do thins, I dont know

You need to learn it. Find the tutorials online. Read the documentation. Study, and you will learn and get it to work.

Take a look at the video at point 1 :wink: