Some good things from Cryengine

Time ago i see a post about the new version of Cryengine but without requests of feedback from the UE4 users.
Then i go to post here some awesome things that would be nice to have in the UE4:

A. Clip volumes to limit the light to certain zones or remove the light from some sites.
*This one will be nice to have the options in realtime LPV and in the lightmass.


C. The color bleeding for the the SSAO(SSDO)

*The CryDesigner is nice but first Epic need redesign all the system and its working on. (And need more focus in the constructions than small things)(And are other post about that)


Would this help to avoid some light bleeding issues?? Even though with carefull planning and lightmap work it could be avoided, clip volumes would save you the time working on the planning/lightmap uv’s???

Well to real time you can use this over all map because looks like have a heavy resources hungry.
For lightmass probably you can use (if this can be used with the lightmass) without limits since is baked but will be need more time to build.
About the light bleeding i no idea about you say, but for lightmass problems you can play with the values like or the quality etc.

Hey Hevedy,

Thank you for your feature request to make the Unreal Engine a better product. I have submitted this information in a feature request, it can be referenced to us as: UE-15660.

Have a great day!


There is a cheat method of creating clip volumes. Although as i said its a cheat method.
You can use a mesh that is hidden but still force it to block light / cast shadows.

The only problem i find using this method is that if you want to see it in the editor it sort of blocks out visuals because its a solid block… and if its hidden you might forget where you put it.
One way i found to mitigate this is to create a material that draws it as a wireframe… and set it to be only hidden in game.

This would make a great addition to the engine i agree

+1 on the clip volumes. Shouldn’t be that much complicated to implement on a deferred renderer, since I suppose the lights are already using a mix of stencil and depth to figure out which pixels need to be lit.

Thanks you! :slight_smile:

I think clip volumes would be neat, but for a different set of reasons. Think of the weird effects you could create.