Some free music and sounds for you

Hello guys, lately I published my “Cinematic Music of Universe” on the market you can check it here if you want:…f-the-universe , and I have to say that I’m happy with sales so far (6 sales in 4 days), this motivated me to create more music and I decided to give some of my sounds for free, since I can’t do this via unreal marketplace I decided to go with gumroad for that, obviously I’m still creating more music and sounds for sale, so in couple of weeks I want to have pretty nice collection of tracks on the market. I’m also open to create some custom music as freelance job if someone is interested. I’m also open to suggestions about my marketplace music, what kind of sounds/music you need the most? I will try to create everything you need.

Here is the link to gumroad free package:

I hope you will find it useful. Best regards, Marcin Klosowski