Some FMOD Events & Snapshots Not Making It Into Packaged Build

Hi guys, my team and i are trying to package up a build in UE 4.24 and we’re running into some issues with the audio. I’m using FMOD to do everything.

All audio works exactly as expected in the editor, when packaging the game up, a select few sounds don’t make it into the game for some reason. There are sounds in the same bank that do make it, but oddly enough one bank has more issues than the others though it’s not the only one. I can’t seem to find a pattern between why some of these are missing and others are not this issue is appearing in seemingly unrelated places.

I lose all my snapshot functionality in the packaged build as well.

I have double checked the packaging settings to make sure that the FMOD folder is included in “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package”. It was in Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy" at first because fmod complains in UE when that isn’t set. At this point I’ve tried both and neither is fixing the issue.

Has anyone faced a similar issue? Are there any straight forward troubleshooting steps I can take?

Any help would be hugely appreciated! We’re so excited about getting the game done it’s been so heartbreaking to watch a bunch of crucial audio disappear come build time

You should reach out to Firelight or hit up their FMOD forums.

I have actually, thank you. I thought I’d check in here in case there were some things on the UE side of things or maybe someone here who has had the same issue in case I don’t get the issue solved over there.

Tough stuff… probably time for me to just dig into UE’s audio and do everything natively to avoid this in the future.

I appreciate your time.


Hey I actually got some help back from them in terms of helping to troubleshoot. I was suggested to run their Profiler while running the game in its release build and to upload the log for them to have a look at.

I’m a little stumped because part of my problem is that the sounds work well in the editor, they just start to fall apart when I package and launch the game as a standalone.

Is there a way to have the game run in the editor the same way that it would run as the full release build so that I can get these bugs to occur where it can be logged by Unreal?

I’m trying to play with the settings in “Launch Project” and anywhere else that lets me select “Shipping” as the build type, but I don’t think they translating to the editor when I hit play to try it out.

Is there any advice you could offer?

Thank you

Unreal Shipping builds are heavily optimized with all relevant debug features stripped out.

You have four types of builds: Debug, Development (default/preferred for most things), Test (some optimizations, but you still get logging and stat features), Shipping

You can probably just do a Package of your game as Development or Test and get logs. Though I’m not sure what their Profiler needs to connect with, so I would check with them on that.

You can read more about packaging your project here:

Alright great I’ll do some reading and dig into. I appreciate you taking the the time to help.