Some flickering on textures?

This is exported as a jpeg sequence and I’m getting some odd flickering on the carpet and few other spots. Any idea how to resolve that? Watch in full HD.

how about your setup for carpet material, check the bump or normal texture may fix it

It maybe too small, the normal texture on the carpet? But I am getting flickering on the power cable for the left side floor lamp and it’s just geometry with a basic diffuse color.

i see flickering on the sofa, and the shadow in carpet when the camera move.
check on the image

Yeah there’s a lot of it. Not sure what is causing it though? It’s around the door frame too.

World composition on?
Overlapping faces?

What is World Composition?

I don’t think there’s overlapping?

As an example the power cable for the lamps is the same geometry just copied, the one on the right doesn’t flicker the one on the left does.

Just checked World Composition is off.

The sofa seems to be the fabric but I’m not sure? Maybe the contrast between the white and gray is too much for the engine? I’ll try another fabric.

Nope same problem with a different fabric.

I get this kind of flickering sometimes with specific textures. It’s probably something with one or more texture (roughness, normal, etc) in your material. Sometimes I even have to completely change the textures because I can’t get rid of weird effects like you are getting.

That’s too bad, it must be the engine then. I see it in the chrome too which is from the default library.

It kind of looks like a moire effect, or it might be connected to Screen Space Reflections.

It’s happening on the chrome too where there’s no texture image in the material.

Try turning on forward shading in project settings

If the texture is not Power of two (512, 1024, 2048, 4096) can give that problem, and use the mip gen setting in sharpen 5 for example