Some feedbacks on placing & moving items in a level.

Apology if topic already been discussed & solution already in pipeline or existed.

Some feedbacks on placing & moving items in a level, (if solution already exist, let me know)

  1. make snap to grid actually snap to grid 100% of the time, like just about every other 3D package

  2. Allow us to name group,

  3. have pick pivots in Orthographic view locked to the plane (like Maya). If I am in the XY Plane, the pivot should not move in the Z direction,
    Often it moved also in the depth direction, & sometimes its impossible to have it snap to a particular point bcause of this.

  4. Allow us to attach to by picking the object in the level(instead of just using the search)
    Also, make search by distance an option. Often, the actor we wanted to attached to, are very close to the object to attach.

  5. Allow us to pick objects using Q (like Maya), as the WER (translate, rotate, scale) manipulator can get in the way of selecting objects.

  6. Allow snapping & aligning by plane, points, vertices, etc, things that 3D apps liek Maya or Modo supported.

  7. better contrasts option for gridlines in editors. Some of the lines are so faded, I have a hard time seeing them.

  8. Have a fit object to viewport/Window option. Also relative navigation movement speed base on object size in editor viewport Ofetn, small object just zoom pass as I try to zoom in.

What problem are you having with this? I haven’t noticed it not snapping when it’s enabled, I don’t think.

I suppose you could use folders

You can do this by using the “F” key

  1. Try using a very small snap figure, say 2. Snap to one of the non thick line. Then switch to say snap of say 50. See if it snap now to the grid. It will move 50 grip point, it will however not necessary snap to the grid, unless its happen to be on a grip point before you move.

  2. I mean meshes that you group together.

  3. I tried, it works. SO at least one point is down.