Some errors, movable widget window.

i was following a tutorial and yeah, somehow it doesn’t work for me exacly how i would like it to work or maybe you know a better and more efficient way to make it work?

basicly i get the idea of how it works etc, my problem tho is that i have no idea how to make it more efficient.
Basicly the “auto size” doesn’t work and i’m doing it manual by setting the X/Y Size. I also have no idea why they are 4 widgets.
Usualy there is one widget as a container and a second one acting as the content that is loaded in the container widget.
Next problem is that i can’t click buttons in the “MovableWindow”.

I also had in my older “widget (try) project” where i had a problem that i need to click on the “widget first” to be able to click a button. Set mouse input to game and Ui didn’t work for me or i just don’t know how to set it up.
(Window Container Widget is empty)