Some error happened when I move unreal to my external hard disk...

Hi everyone, now I’m facing a problem…

Yesterday I finished to compile unreal, and put them into my external hard disk.
I used a few times.

But today, I re-installed my computer. And I found that it show this exception.

I have make sure that I updated Direct X 11, and download many other DLL that it show to me.

But I still can’t solve this problem, even I have try to recompile it…

Can anyone help me or facing the same problem?

( Also sorry for my poor English =.=: )

Hello RedsunSHChan,

Would you mind posting this issue on our AnswerHub, If you have not done so already. You can find the AnswerHub located here: . Posting on our AnswerHub would provide a better look into the issue. Could you also follow this template on how to report a bug: How do I report a bug? - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks and have a great day!

Oops…I’m totally sorry for that…