Some editor suggestions/feedback

Wasn’t sure if I should make separate topics for these? Using Build 1761932.

  1. Content Browser: clicking on a scrollbar (instead of dragging it) doesn’t move the window content, doesn’t adhere to Windows standard behavior
  2. Blueprint Editor: right-click menu in EventGraph can put the popup menu partially offscreen
  3. Blueprint Editor: Eventgraph zoom level goes 1:1, -1, -2 etc. but the minus numbers don’t make sense? Maybe percentage display instead? Also why go 1:1 → -1?
  4. Dragging a popped-out pane by the header bar (dark area) is smooth, dragging by tab name is laggy
  5. ShooterGame PIE: in a simple testroom (playerstart + PointLightStationary), PIE draws a grenade launcher in the world? (see pics)

Actually it’s the rocket launcher. If you alt-tab during PIE and go to the Scene Outliner, you can delete it. Odd that it spawns though.

Hey Jonathan,

Your first issue has been taken care of and will be in a future release. I have put in a request for our team to look at those other issues. Thank you.

Best Regards,