Some details on running multiple instances of a dedicated server on a single machine

The default port for a dedicated server is :7777. If multiple instances of the dedicated server are run, will all of their ports be :7777 by default?

If they are all on the same port, does this interfere with running multiple unique instances?

Assuming there is interference-
If neither of the dedicated servers are on the same port by default, how is it determined which port they will be on?

Assuming, I need to change the ports my self, do I have to change the .ini after the server is built or is there another way to automate new instances of the dedicated server through the ue tool.

They appear to automatically determine that the default is unavailable and increment their port numbers until they find availability. If you build a dedicated server locally and then run it a couple of times, you’ll see server instances running on :7777, :7778, :7779, etc.

I’ll test this on a remote linux VM tonight and report back.

The server will try its default port (7777) and up to MaxPortCountToTry (512) ports above it. If none of those ports could be bound to, it will refuse to start.

Bot values are set in BaseEngine.ini (MaxPortCountToTry in [/Script/OnlineSubsystemUtils.IpNetDriver] section) and can be overriden in your game’s DefaultEngine.ini

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