Some content could not be copied

I dled the Kite demo and wanted to make use of the Raven blueprint in another project. However the aforementioned heading pops up. When I thought it was possible to migrate files seperately I found that some folders appear to be hidden or some other error is cropping up. To show what I mean I’ve posted images of my steps.
Take note of the NoRedist folder and the output. The assets there are not copied it seems as well as some blueprints in the BP_Raven’s reference viewer. But when I search for the missing uncopied file I find nothing even in Windows explorer. Can someone shed some light on this issue? I would of liked to make use of the flying raven but now I can’t because not all the assets are migrating. Is it because some of them are C++ files or something? Thanks!

I am curious too, why this fail, even with purchased ones? I’m on UE 4.12.3 but I bet that even 4.13 like above will fail…

Ok, I’ve discovered that if you have two windows of editor, this will almost certainly fail, so close one ue4 editor and migrate the assets flawlessly.

Source: The asset failed to save - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

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Thanks! I appreciate it! I’ll mark as correct for now - I don’t have time to check this but when I do get around to it I will confirm! Hopefully helps others! In the end I managed with the Butterflies from another project :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, this was the problem for me as well

Thank you very much. This helps me a lot.