Some concerns regarding Phat


I am wondering if anyone is having issues with Angular drive limits and spring values and also damping values have zero effect.
While trying to figure out why none of the settings seem to have any impact on anything really i discovered this Angular Drive Damping behaves weirdly - UE4 AnswerHub

Which judging by the response appears to be a nice way of saying yes its broken but we will fix it.
Except in my case… its not fixed.

So i’m wondering if A) i need more math skills to comprehend why a damping value does nothing or B) this has not been fixed.

OK so lets go with A for now
Damping value to apply i would assume implies that is dampens the angular drive over time ? Not sure there seems to be no clear definition of what this means. But by definition of the word dampen it would imply just that.
So if a high value is selected it should dampen the living daylight out of it… minimizing oscillation. Correct?

Spring value to apply? If i was a spring and someone bent me and watch me spring back into my original position i would assume the more spring value i have, the quicker i would get back into position and the less i have the more i would sway back and forth?

Drive Limit : i would assume it means it is a limit the motor can drive.
So a higher limit would imply that the motor can drive it more… does this mean a low limit value causes the motor to drive it less?

At the end of the day what i want to achieve is a physics body to stop at some point. But they never do. They just carry one for ever… almost like the laws of resistance does not exist at all.

Might it be a problem with floats? (For those that don’t know, sometimes a number can be 90.0000000000015, instead of 90). Could you do a check for a value of, say, 0.1% of the max velocity, and if it is less than this, set it to zero?

Will give it a bash. Right now im a bit concerned that values of 999999 has no effect. Will read up on the nvidia documentation to try and better understand what each value is for.