Some bugs and errors

Our Facebook Page Bellow, we are also looking for more devs in the form of animators and character artists, anything could be interested so if your interested get in touch.

  • For some reason we can’t spawn all over the map, I have tried looking at some settings for this creating a volume for the map( think it’s called a kill zone) and made some world setting global but can’t figure it out. ( and it’s not cause we are in the terrain since you can try it in the air and it still won’t work) We can only spawn in the middle of the map so it seems it is to big or some setting is restricting it.

-We get some weird visual bug for buildings where light goes through the edges of buildings even though they are sealed and i can make the mesh 2 sided ( the house has both interiour and exterior walls that is connected to the roof) Still someway light goes through.

-I cant get to decide my pivot point for meshes and they are always 10% of rotation.

-When dealing with the landscape the terrain is in very big chunks so is there a way to make it greater detailed? For example when you try to use a brush to for example create a ditch or something nothing happens. You need to have a brush maybe 10x10 meters at least to affect the world.

  • Basically we have the same problem as above with the landscape material, you cannot paint smoothly instead it just either overrides 10% or 100% no matter the strength, falloff and size of brush.

some of these, you might be able to work around, some are sort of fixed or should be better in 4.6, I would think.
what version of engine are you using?

well as all these problems can get pretty in-depth, and although I don’t have the solutions for all that you are having problems with.
I would take screen shots or videos & possibly any BPs or code you are having problems with and post them to answer hub, individually of course.

post links to any or all solutions back here, I would like to see them myself.

Link is broken

Thx, i fixed the link. We are currenty on 4.5 and planning to get 4.6 soon.