Some advice on Sound Cue`s, and Emitters?

Hey was hoping someone could answer a couple of qustions for me?

Using a Audio Component i can call SetIntParameter(FName ParamName, int32 Value);
And if a sound cue asset is set as Sound then i can use the switch node to play different grouped sound effects depending on value.

1 - Can i somehow do this with only a Sound Cue using UGameplayStatics::PlaySoundAtLocation ?

2 - I can set Sound Cue for Play Sound Anim Notifies, how can i set Parameter on this Sound Cue like with Audio Component?

3 - Can i get something like a Switch Node for Particels, or is my best option a Array of particels?

Thank you for any advice!

Anyone have a idea?

  1. At the moment we don’t return (or create) and AudioComponent with PlaySoundAtLocation which does limit your ability to use parameters. It has long been in the back of our minds to change that, but I don’t know when it might, for now you’ll need to use the play attached or create an AudioComponent if you want to change the parameters.

  2. If you’re just using the built in anim notifies, then no, you do not have the ability to manipulate parameters in that way. You would need to implement a custom anim notify that would know where to go fetch the parameters from and set them.

  3. Particle systems have a different parameterization system, I’m not super familiar with it, perhaps looking here might help you? A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Yes it would be really nice to be able to set the parameters for PlaySoundAtLocation and the ones for Anim Notifies.
Especially for Anim Notifies, it be perfect for stuff like footsteps.

Thanks for answering all my questions!