Solved: When I unmount (detach) the player from a pawn he has an offset

Hey guys,

I switched from Godot to UE4 3 days ago with the goal of porting my game to this powerful engine. Thanks to some great tutorials out there I quickly managed to set up a basic movement and import my assets. I also got the first few triggers working. I am now working with possess and attach to control a boat. I followed this tutorial…orse-tutorial/

I can control the boat with the player on the socket however, when I detach the player I can move him again but he is shifted when the boat was moved even though I checked ‘keep world position’. This should demonstrate what I mean

I do not have a blue print for the controller. The boat is a ‘pawn’ and the player is a ‘character’

I would really appreciate some help. I spend quite some time on Google and also asked on Discord and Reddit, but couldn’t resolve the issue.

Edit: See solution below

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Where is the solution?

Someone posted the solution here as an answer but seems to have removed it. If I remember correctly I had to disable and reenable the movement of the character.