[SOLVED] Weird Dynamic Material Behaviour on Dedicated Server

I am having a really weird error with a Dynamic Material on a dedicated server. Basically when my tank spawns it is assigned a random skin colour, this is working as expected and as can be seen in the image below, they appear the same colour on both clients.

Now when I drive just one of the tanks far away from the other and then return, the material has reverted back to its base colour as can be seen below.

Initially I thought that this was to do with LODs, but I have removed all LODs from the model and it still seems to be happening. I have tried searching for similar issues and the few things I found were not relevant to me or didn’t help.

I have no idea what is going on here and any help will be greatly appreciated.


I got it solved, it was to do with the replication relevancy of pawn itself. :slight_smile: