SOLVED - Vector math - recording players location while origin shifting is happening

edit - solution at bottom. Cant find a way to actually mark this as solved so just edited title.

Original post:

Hello, I am recording my players location as a 2d vector periodically so that I can later display where the player went on a map. But the world origin is shifting so I rely on a static actor to stand in as a reference.

I think the math should be basic but I’m bad with this stuff -
in order to populate my array I would do player location + static reference location?
and then to play that back, it would be player location minus static reference location?

Thanks for any help

For reference, the blueprint math might look like this:

populate array with player location in reference to static referece:

display players location later by spawnign some actors at the location - static references location:

Solved, but I had the math flipped in original post.

It should be my vector - static vector, then my vector + static vector.