[SOLVED] Twin Stick Aiming Camera Relative


Working with a controller based Twin Stick Shooter, think Hell-divers, Alienation etc.

I have movement down, but have issues getting aiming to function when the camera is rotated from the initial point on the Z Axis.

Currently messing around with this:…7&d=1416377815

And this is what it should function like:

My movement uses the Camera’s Z Axis and gets forward and right vectors from there so up is always up, right always right etc… just not sure how to apply that logic to changing control rotation?


Edit: Don’t know if I’ve done the right thing renamed the thread with the ‘[SOLVED’] prefix, or if there is an actual option somewhere to change.

Well… I’ve got it working except if I move from the initial start position it stops working all together?

haha. Attached a copy of what I have so far.

Hopeful yet shameful Bump! :open_mouth:

Well, finally figured it out so incase anyone is in need of this.

I changed getting my movement direction etc from the camera to a float I save. If I rotate the camera I rotate it, then update this float.

Attached, the outcome. Much simpler than what I had before too!