SOLVED Transition from Roll animation inside state to 2D Blendspace blends to prior active animation

Hello all,

Player is a skydiver. I have a single state machine consisting of a 2D blendspace “flying” for normal maneuvering, including banking and pitching, using input axis. It also contains left and right roll animations that play on keypress.

It passes from flying into rolling by reading an Enum state. It passes from rolling to flying by reading time remaining ratio on the rolling animation.

If the player is, for example, banking left, then presses the roll button, the roll animation will play successfully. However, on returning to “flying” state, will briefly blend back to banking left regardless of user input. So if I let go of the controls the character briefly returns to turning left before straightening out again.

Some workaround attempts I’ve tried end up making a very janky animation. Perhaps there’s a way to reset the blend target?

Was an input issue. Horizontal input axis was not clearing, and when it was cleared, was being immediately reset. I’m now simplifying the flow so it is less likely to fall prey to this in the future.

Here’s some additional info that may help.