[SOLVED] TPS-Blueprints Wounds healing over time

I have implemented a damage system for my TPS character in which he can receive multiple wounds, each one causing him to lose blood over time using a timer. Each wound, depending on its type has its own healing time cost in seconds, represented by a float value in the wound struct. I’m storing all the wounds character has in an array from which I’m able to take and calculate the total blood loss over time. I’m trying to find a way to keep track of the healing time that remains of each wound so I can change the blood loss accordingly. Do you have any ideas on how such thing can be done? Thank you!


I figured out the following solution. Don’t know if it is the most efficient but is something. So, within the same loop, I substruct 1 from the healing time of the current wound element. This in combination with the timer that triggers the blood update system gives me the result I was looking for!