[Solved] Top Down Client Side Character Mesh Detaches

I am completely lost as to what is wrong with my Top Down character from the template. For whatever reason the character Mesh component on the Client side is detaching from the actor and appears stuck at frame zero of the idle animation. The client is not running any ticks of the animation blueprint either.

Below is a youtube video of what’s going on. During the video when I present the initial issue I copy and paste the Mesh onto the same character just to see what happens. It’s surprising that the copy/paste actually produces a moving character mesh but it’s jittery. What is going on with my client side character mesh? I have not touched the animation blueprint.

[Solution] The Game Mode I created was somehow breaking the animation blueprint. The answer I came across makes no sense but in short I had to re-create my Game Mode. I noticed when I migrated my project to a new Top Down Template and did not change the Game Mode settings of the template, all the animations worked. As soon as I installed my own created Game Mode from my problem project the animations broke. So I went back to my problem project, created a new Game Mode based from the Top Down Template, copy and pasted all my script from the Game Mode blueprint causing me problems…set this new game mode as the one to use and everything works now.