[SOLVED] Sketchfab-upload: after API Token dialog comes "whiteframe"

Hi there, sorry for this primitive topic but i love the feature to upload my stuff on Sketchfab.
After the update to the latest version ( ) i have two issues i want to share and fix.

If i want to upload my model to Sketchfab

-> After API Token dialog comes a “whiteframe” i couldnt do anything else, just close it. No error message to confirm

-> I saw this effect also when i try to open the Helpwindow , everything was white inside but here i get a errormessage about a stopped script, never had this in versions before !!!

Even after some tests i couldnt fix the problem, could anyone help me out ?!

  • update graphic card driver

  • try to install an older CR version. sadly it didnt work anymore, message force me to update


Win7 Pro 64

latest Chrome,Firefox Browser (which always workedfine)
i7 6950X
12GB TitanX (Pascal)



Hello Max,


Did this error occur on same configuration before (same HW, same OS)?

From our experience this might be a problem with IE version. We recommend to install IE 11 on Windows 7, you can download it here:



please let us know if this helped.


Hi Kruzma,

after installing IE11 it seems to work again, very strange that this problem comes with your update, anyway it works and makes me very happy !

Even the helpwindow isnt white anymore :wink:

Thank you !