[SOLVED] Sketchfab exporter script error

Hi, receiving this script error and cannot upload to Sketchfab using exporter :open_mouth:

Any help appreciated

Thanks :slight_smile:

Erika @Reiver3D

hello Erika,

thanks for reporting,


we would suggest trying to clear the cache,

if it does not help, which version/build of RealityCapture, what operation system and what version of Internet Explorer are you using?


Hi, says latest version …


Latest explorer, Chorme & Mozilla all throw up the same error…

I cannot upload any models at all … I’ve had an open forum post up on Sketchfab about it this week but no joy so far …







have you tried clearing the cache?

what version of Windows and Internet Explorer are you using?

Hello there,

this kind of errors during sketchfab upload are usually javascript incompatibility issues with IE on sketchfab side.

We have tried this and it seems to be fixed.

Can you please confirm this?