[Solved] Sitting in a chair

Looking for the proper workflow to follow when having a character sit in a chair. It’s something I’ve never done before and my first attempt has not gone super well.

What I am doing

  1. Interact with chair
  2. Set movement mode to “None”
  3. Set actor location and rotation to an arrow component I have on the chair
  4. Play sitting animation on the mesh (done with the Play Animation node in BP rather than the anim graph)

When the player tries to jump while sitting, I do the following:

  1. Play standing animation on the mesh
  2. Wait for standing animation to complete
  3. Set movement mode to “Walking”

Obviously something is breaking the animation graph here, the mesh is put out of sync with the capsule component as well. I’m guessing it has something to do with the collision on the chair but I’m not sure what the proper process is for this.

Ok, discovered part of the problem is the “Sit to Stand” animation (mixamo) has the player stand too far forward. Stand to Sit keeps the player’s feet in place. Not sure how to resolve that yet.

I fixed the standing animation by tweaking it in blender but the animation graph still “dies” after running the animations. The player just stays in the “idle” state

Ok, after some guesswork I found the “Set Animation Mode” and set it to “Use Animation Blueprint” after the player stands. Seems to work.

Hi! I made a component that you can add to your character that allows you to sit in and out of a chair really easy :slight_smile: Check it out here! YouTube Video is less than 5 mins with 4 small, simple, copy/paste nodes

After stand up animation , you should set main character animation
after your code use set animation mode