[SOLVED] Set Static Mesh assigns wrong (random) mesh from struct

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to assign a mesh to a blueprint randomly using a structure (ID, name, mesh). I’m using the structure to help identify items the player puts into a cauldron in order to compare the ingredients to a list of ingredients in a recipe list.

Earlier, I did the same thing with an array of meshes and assigned them on BeginPlay as well, that seemed to work fine because it was just randomly picking a mesh, perhaps I had the same issue without noticing since I wasn’t comparing it to anything.

I’m printing out all the information (including mesh name) from the randomly selected struct, and it is correct but the mesh itself in the level is a different one. The mesh that is displayed is random even if I spawn the same ingredient a few times.

What am I doing wrong/how can I fix this?

Many thanks,