SOLVED: Second controller in multiplayer overrides listen server controller

I am experimenting with adding multiplayer to the Top Down Shooter template.

Under “Play” I have set the Number of Players to 2 and Net Mode to “Play as Listen Server”

When I hit play, the server immediately controls the appropriate pawn in the level and has full control as expected

When the second instance loads and joins the game, it also controls a pawn in the level and has full control, but the first player (listen server) no longer has any control at all and the camera is facing towards the horizon.

Could the second player be possessing the same pawn as the listen server and kicking it out? How would I go about preventing this?

Thanks for your time


For anyone having this issue in the future, my pawn had “Auto Posses Player” set to “0” in the blueprint. Each time the pawn spawned, it forced the player at index 0 to posses it.**

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