[Solved] Sculpting not working in word comp

Hello i have a problem. i made a world in world comp. and the sculpting works great except for one tile. i mean it works but not on the borders. when i sculpt the borders of that tile i got holes. i don’t remember if i had a bug or not some time ago and recreated that tile, which could be the origin of the issue. But how could i edit the world normally again

ok finally got it. it drove me a little bit mad but got it. i found the answer on answerhub. when for some reason you delete a tile in your world comp map, to recreate it you need to use Add adjacent landscape layer. But and this is where eveything is, you need to have your original landscape loaded. hear your very first tile. wherever your new tile is located on your map, you need to have the first tile loaded. then the stuff will work