[SOLVED] Script Error Upload to Sketchfab

Today when I try to upload to Sketchfab I am getting this Script Error Message. 

I have had no previous issues when uploading to Sketchfab until this model. I tried to upload a model that I have previously uploaded and now I am also getting the same Script Error message.

Can you please tell me why I am getting the error and how to fix?

Thanks in advance,

Parker Hill


Hello there,

this is usual problem with sketchfab authorization page running in IE. We have contacted sketchfab and we are waiting for them to fix this.


Thank you for your patience


Hello Kruzma,

I am still getting the script error. Is this script error happening to all RC users trying to upload to Sketchfab or just my account? Would it be helpful for me to contact Sketchfab too?  


Anxiously waiting,





yes this is happening to all RC users. You don’t have to contact Sketchfab ;). This issue should be solved this week, in the best case on Monday.