[SOLVED] Red Icon in Taskbar after overnight Texturing stalls

I’m using Reality Capture on Windows 7 Enterprise with 64GB of RAM, NVidia Quadro P5000, and a very large cache scratch disk.

Running a High Detail reconstruction of a large canyon, the component had 214million tri, in 214 parts.  Before I simplify and decimate, I want to work with a tiny sample in Maya to examine the mesh at the highest detail.  I made a small reconstruction region and filtered out the rest, leaving me with a 10 part piece with 5.1M tri.

Exporting this mesh worked fine, but when I try to texture, it seems to be stalling.  The progress bar stops moving around 1/4 of the way, and the small Reality Capture Icon in my Taskbar is Red (usually the area where you see the green progress filling the icon).  Usually when there is an error, the whole screen is covered by a red warning message, but the progress is continuing to count elapsed time with no indication of a problem. 

Should I keep it cooking?  or is the red icon indicating a crash?

For reference, texturing a 5million tri singleton simplified from the entire canyon only takes 3 hours to texture.  This has been running since last night.

Hi Doron, 

Did you managed to create textures in the end? 

Sometimes clearing the cache, may help. 

Clearing that cache didn’t help, but updating to the newest version of Reality Capture did.  Must have been a bug in a previous version.