Solved: Question about having two character meshes

Hi all,

I’ve resorted to having two of the same mesh on my character to resolve issues like the humanoid’s head clipping into the camera when aiming weapons and jumping/moving around. This solution works great since I can hide the head bone for the mesh that only the owning player sees, and still cast the shadow properly using the mesh that only the owning player does not see.

One thing that’s confusing me about this solution is now that I have two meshes which each have their own animation instance (they do use the same Anim BP), won’t this cause AnimNotifies to trigger twice? For example, I may have a simple jump animation with a notify event that triggers upon landing (to play a sound). Since there are two meshes animating now, isn’t that going to trigger two notifies, therefore playing the sound twice? Is there any way to “lock” either of the meshes to directly mirror the other mesh’s animations and share the same animation instance? This is messing with a few things I’m trying to do, where I sometimes see the shadow of one animation doing something different from what my character should actually be doing. This may be due to replication since the “second” animation may be seeing different variable values at the moment it is animating.

Figured this out using this:…ose/index.html

I simply made a new animation blueprint for my “extra” mesh (which only the owning player sees). In that blueprint, I’m doing nothing other than getting the pawn owner on begin play, casting it to ThirdPersonCharacter, getting the character’s "main’ mesh (the one others see) and storing it as a variable. Then, in the AnimGraph, I plug that variable into the Copy Pose From Mesh node, and that’s it. It was that simple.