[SOLVED] Problem with detecting collision between specific objects

Hello there! I’m pretty new to Unreal and have a tiny problem.

This is a part of my FPS Controller blueprint, the branch returns true for a cube that I have in the level, I’ve checked the tags and there’s none on the cube, also, this only happens for the cube, other objects seem to be working okay, I don’t know why this is happening. Help please?

I tried both, same results

Where are you setting the tag? I noticed there are two places, the component and the more hidden actor tag at the bottom of the details panel.

maybe just delete the cube and go from there? for me if its only that one cube and other cubes are working fine then I would just remove it and keep going. Now if you were to re add another new fresh cube and it still hits with no tags then something else is triggering it.

Nevermind, I figured the problem, the player mesh collides with the cube and “jumps” because of the collision, when the player lands it returns true, making it seem like it’s returning true for the cube’s itself. Now how do I prevent this?

create a check and if its the player object name then ignore or don’t do anything else do the things you want, make sense? a similar question…

I would mark this specific one as solved since you answered the question.