[SOLVED] Please help me, error Expecting keyword 'allowshrinking'....'Z:\proguard-project.txt' in packaging.

Hello everyone,

“C:\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows ools\ant\build.xml:871: Expecting keyword ‘allowshrinking’, ‘allowoptimization’, or ‘allowobfuscation’ before ‘includedescriptorclasses’ in line 202 of file ‘Z:\proguard-project.txt’”

I’m having this error when i’m trying to package a shipping version with “For distribution” option ticked.

Please can someone help me with this, i’m in the final stages of testing my game and this is the last thing i need to do before i start the beta testing.

I’ve done a new project to test packaging and i still get the same error.

The full log is attached and i’m using UE4.16.3



I was able to solve the problem using the answer and video provided in the following link


Specially the part regarding updating the proguard version.