[Solved] 'no smoothing group information was found in this fbx scene' really important?

Hello, you’ve probably seen that thing dozens of times. but here’s my question. i’m converting UE old versions assets, and not going thru a 3D editing software. and i get that message. so what i’d like to know it’s is that thing really important. because if i had to go thru Blender i could fix it, but it would takes me longer. and i tried to rebuild with one of these meshes inside the scene, and i didn’t get any error. so is it better/important to fix these into a 3D editing soft. i have something like 200 meshes to convert, and it would take me longer if i go thru Blender

If the mesh looks the way it should, you don’t have to change anything. If curves are displayed as multiple kinks, this is due to missing smoothing groups.

If you are publishing to the marketplace you may want to fix that by adding the proper smoothing to your model…

Thanks guys! yeah i made a little research on the internet, and found out that smoothing groups are something that affect the way the faces behave to the light. but that doesn’t affect the mesh itself. it’s just a way to smoothen the angles of a mesh so they look less angular. if i’m correct this is it. so as my meshes look good, i see no reason for torturing myself

Partially correct anyway.
They can be used to also create hard angles where there are none.

Like you said, if its just for yourself there’s no point worrying until you actually have to.

If you want to do things properly / or know how, tell us what software you are using and someone will share a method to add smoothing to your model(s)

Thanks MostHost LA. it’s for myself, but for a commercial product (game). i know how to do these. i use Blender. you need to tick something like smoothing groups faces, or something during export. but i had to do it for something like 750 props that i converted from 4.23. so i’ll let it as it is. as it looks good, and shows only a warning, i don’t think it’ll mess around