SOLVED: No audio from Media Player via Pixel Streaming

I have a project that includes video playback using a Media Player. It works fine when running as a stand-alone packaged game, but when I run the same package and view it remotely via Pixel Streaming, the video plays but without its audio. Other game audio works fine also via Pixel Streaming.

Does anyone know if this is a known bug or limitation in Pixel Streaming and/or Media Player?


  • Thorsten

I hope it’s ok to bump this just once since my original post was pending moderation and perhaps wasn’t seen as widely.

Solved it! I am running this on an Amazon EC2 instance. By default, their Audio Service is disabled. Simply enabling Windows Audio Service solved the problem.

I have no idea why this only affects audio from the Media Player and not other kinds of game audio, but it was an easy fix.