[SOLVED] NEF Alignment slow

NEF based alignment appears to be considerably slower than other file formats. A 70MB tiff file aligns faster than a 20MB NEF Raw file.

Not a big deal, I’m very happy there is support for NEF at all!! I just wanted to let you know.

For reference: 22Min to align 70 NEF files. 15s to align 70 JPEG files.

Hi Neil Nafus

the 22 mins result. it take long to detect feature points or actual alignment step ?
set any 2D window to CONsole view and try run again the NEF alignment and send me if can some screenshots. So we can inspect it.

The slow down is definitely in the detecting features step. With Jpgs this happens almost instantly, with the raws it takes a while for each one. Roughly 10-30s each.

I’ve attached a screenshot.


Hi Neil Nafus

The issue is we use Windows RAW drivers and they are not so good, try look for direct DRIVER for you camera, or RAW codec like http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/

Or even better develop the RAWs to TIF-JPGs and get best of the raw files…

Dear Neil,

please check the codecs you have. Actually Windows RAW codecs (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa … x?id=26829) are quite OK w.r.t. speed. You’ve probably installed some Nikon codecs which do some image sort of image post processing enhancing/filtering/corrections/etc. This Is done in codec and CR does not have control over that.

This will influence all operations where we read images - features detection, depth map calculation, texturing, coloring,…

Please consider updating your codecs pack.

Using the Fast Picture Viewer codec pack sped it up tremendously. It works much better now, thanks for the suggestion!

Also, the best results seem to come from DX0 Optics Pro processed raw files exported as TIF files. For what it is worth.