[SOLVED]MP4 plays back at wrong speed in Sequencer?

I have a MP4 with a green screen. I am using the chroma key to knock it out. I have applied this material to a plane.
I can see my video plate play correctly when I launch the engine with the play button, however, when I render this out using the Sequencer, the video is playing way too fast.
I have tried different time clocks. I have changed the engine settings to lock to 30fps. Nothing seems to help.

The fast image is from the sequencer while the slower image is from the play button of the Unreal engine.

You have to create an image sequence folder and link to that, instead of a .mp4 video. It will never work with MP4 video. What happens is the video plays in realtime while the sequencer’s frame rate is much slower. Took me awhile to figure it out. If you have images in a folder the sequencer grabs an image at each frame and it comes out great. Sometimes the videos are delayed in game this way, so you should only use it for videos and switch back to MP4 for games.

If you need more direction just ask me.

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Thanks, that works! I also had to specify the fps in the sequencer to match the fps of my footage. No audio, of course, but the lip synch is holding when I bring the Unreal render result into my compositor.

Is it possible you can offer me some advice or assistance. I am rendering out a video in sequencer, but the video speed is too fast. No matter what I do (image sequence or movie file rendered out) the result is a video that is too fast and impossible to sync with audio track.

Update. I think it may be tied to the resolution. At 4k the renders are moving at about 5 times the speed. At the lowest quality, they are more normal. I have a pretty nice rig (3090 + 64 gb ram+ ssd with over 160 gbs free) any guidance with this issue?

I have tested and can confirm that current 4.27-preview-2 build movie render queue renders media texture players (“video walls”) at correct speed as it should following epic’s release notes.

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