[SOLVED] Move camera actor in Local space

How can i move my camera in local space using Blueprints? Basically what i want is when i scroll up I want the camera to move closer to the terrain and scroll down should move it farther away. With some weird maths i was able to make it go farther away but it wont come closer. :confused: (Well…it was a stupid math anyway)


bump bump…

I have done mousewheel zoom.

Put your camera on a boom, and adjust the length of the boom.

Here’s my setup.

Oh, and here’s the actual adjustment of the arm itself… it’s done smoothly with the lerp function.

There’s a little extra stuff in there, just go around that.

Pardon me Rasped but what is this Camera Boom? Is it a Spring Arm Component?

yeah… sorry… I just called it boom in my blueprint I believe.

Thank you very much Rasped. You’ve been really helpful. :slight_smile:

Happy to help :slight_smile:


This is my setup now.


I can’t figure out why your clamps are different?

lol my bad…After duplicating i changed the values in first clamp but forgot about the second one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, ok :slight_smile: I’m just looking to learn, so I had to ask.