[SOLVED] Memory issues with high number of images

I am just scanning through my images to identify mal-distorted images.
After a couple of 100, the memory consumption of RC grows to over 25 GB and finally terminates (32 GB system).
Is there any way to prevent that from happening or to release memory without exiting the program?

Hi Götz

can more specify your steps ?
and what settings you used in alignment ?

Hi Wishgranter,

no weekend? :slight_smile:
It is not associated with alignment or anything, just browsing through the images raises memory with each new image that loads fully from thumbnail/preview.
I have checked with the task manager open.
Settings on alignment are normal 40k/20k.
It happens when I look at them in 2D and using the arrow keys.

Dear Götz,
thanks for spotting this. I can repro the issue. We will fix it.

Hi Götz

Yup its weekend and we work :smiley:

I was getting that too. Had to restart RC after adding CPs to run an alignment. Glad it’s identified.